Home curb appeal

It’s no secret that curb appeal can improve home value. After all, often times the front of your home is the buyers first impression. It can serve as an effective way to get buyers to consider your home. In fact, according to the famous home improvement specialist, Bob Vila, good landscaping and exterior improvements can add up to an estimated 20% increase in the value of your home.

I’ve been buying and selling real estate for over 22 years and through my experience, I’ve identified what curb appeal strategies are most effective in adding value to homes.

Below are my top 4 strategies to improve your homes curb appeal, ultimately adding value and setting your home apart in a competitive market.


Lawn: Make sure your yard is well manicured.  This means ensuring the lawned is mowed and presentable with dirt patches being filled in with sod.

Shrubbery & Trees: make sure shrubs and trees and trimmed and dead limbs and dead plants are removed.

Flower beds: invest in fresh seasonal flowers planted strategically in your beds, these can add an element of color and detail to the exterior of the house.  Make sure beds are free of weeds and consider adding pine straw or mulch to your beds for a fresh and clean look and keep out weeds.


Wood accents: Painting neutral contrasting colors on exterior wood trim and shutters can make a boring exterior “pop” as well as add a fresh new look to your home. Additionally, if you have a street facing garage door, a fresh coat of paint can give it a new look.

Front Door: Don’t forget your door, this is the first touch point for buyers. Put a fresh coat of paint on your door in a color the matches the trim and shutters. Alternatively, if your front door is outdated considering investing in a new front door.


Pressure wash: Cleaning the driveway and entry path with a pressure washer can make a huge difference in brightening up the exterior, showing buyers that the house has been well maintained.  If you have a brick exterior and it’s extremely discolored from dirt, consider pressure washing the exterior brick to bring out the true brick color of your home.

Windows: Wash your exterior windows, allowing visual clarity as well as maximum fresh sunlight to enter the home.  Additionally, clean the window sills of cobwebs and debris.


Fixtures: Consider updating exterior light fixtures and ensure that the fixtures all are functioning properly.

Landscape lighting: Accenting trees, paths and flower beds with light can add a nightime appeal element to your home that can be very inviting for buyers driving through neighborhoods in the evening looking at properties.

Lastly, make sure your house number is visible, i.e. freshly painted on the curb.

I hope these curb appeal tips help you as you get your home ready to sell this summer. As always I am ready and happy to help with your selling and buying needs in the Atlanta market. Please contact me here if I can be of assistance.