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4 Ways to Maximize Your Home Value in Atlanta

My story has been consistent over the last several months. It’s a competitive market in favor of sellers. 

However, to be competitive and maximize the value of your home you have to have what buyers are looking for.

Here are the top 4 upgrades buyers are looking for when buying a home post-pandemic.

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Mortgage Savings

How Much Could you Save With Current Low Interest Rates?

As you know, the housing market has been robust over the last six months. Redfin just reported that home prices had increased another 15% as of October 23rd, and 56% of its homes for sale went through bidding wars.

Much of this has to do with lower supply and higher demand, coupled with extremely low-interest rates.

So what should you do if you are in the market to buy? Should you wait and see prices level and supply increase? Or should you commit as prices continue to increase?

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4 Tips For Getting the Home you Want

New home construction is on a terror surging 22.6% in July

Mortgage rates hit a record low in August of 2.88%.

If you are considering a new home, now is the time. Prices continue to rise back up to pre-pandemic levels and demand is rising with it, as seen with the surging new construction.

But right now we are in one of those rare moments where pricing is still leveling and interest rates are unbelievably low.

Carpe diem!

With that being said, here are my top four tips for getting the home you want right now?

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Work from home

Will the Remote Work Trend Change the Residential Real Estate Landscape?

Like me, I’m sure most of you have been working from home during the pandemic. As cities begin to reopen I’m starting to assess how the big societal shifts that occurred will impact the residential real estate buyer and seller.

One shift that I believe will have an immediate impact going forward is the remote work trend, it seems to me that this trend is here to stay.

Below are my key takeaways on this trend going forward.

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Mayfair Tower

Q4 2019 Residential Real Estate Update

As we start a new decade in 2020, I continue to see a healthy residential real estate market both nationally and locally. With ongoing low interest rates and the latest data analysis over the past three months, I believe we will continue to see a strong momentum going into the new year.

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Piedmont Park

Why Winter is a Great Time to Buy a Home

Most likely, you are familiar with the fact that spring and summer are the busiest time of year for residential real estate. During these seasons, the housing market can be extremely competitive and lately sellers have been able to get top asking prices for homes. 

However, wintertime is a different story. If you’re in the market for a new home and willing to take some extra time to look, then winter is a great buying opportunity due to decreased competition and lower prices.

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Atlanta fall

4 Tips to Prepare for the Fall Selling Season

Residential real estate sales can slow down during the fall as buyers start to pull back, which reduces competition. Likewise, sellers are oftentimes worn out from the hectic summer selling season and are less aggressive.  If you’re selling in the fall, you can use the slowdown to your advantage.

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Home curb appeal

Top 4 Tips To Add Curb Appeal Value To Your Home

It’s no secret that curb appeal can improve home value. After all, often times the front of your home is the buyers first impression. It can serve as an effective way to get buyers to consider your home. In fact, according to the famous home improvement specialist, Bob Vila, good landscaping and exterior improvements can add up to an estimated 20% increase in the value of your home.

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