Trilith Georgia

If you have not heard about Trilith, I will put it on your radar today.

The Trilith development is becoming one of the state’s most sought-after residential planned communities. Located in Fayetteville, It is a model for innovative urban planning. As such, it has become an amazing community with architecturally beautiful homes and a burgeoning hub for the film and soccer industries.

In this post, I will share with you what makes Trilith one of the best options when considering residential communities in Georgia.

What Makes the Trilith development unique?

Vibrant Community: Trilith is a vibrant, exciting, and diversified community where everyone is welcome and feels at home.

Diverse Housing Options: Choose from various housing options, from cozy micro-homes and townhomes to custom-built spacious single-family residences and estates. For example, I just listed one of the unique modern custom homes in the community that represents some of the architectural essence of Trilith. You can see my listing here.

Sustainable Living: what truly sets Trilith apart is its focus on sustainability and green living. It is the largest geothermal community in the United States, with over half the development dedicated to green space. 

Unparalleled Amenities: Residents have access to top-notch amenities like 15 miles of nature trails, parks, curated shops, chef-driven restaurants, and even an innovatively designed dog park. Importantly, all of these amenities are within walking distance.

Two Industries That Will Feed Sustainable Growth in Trilith

Not only is Trilith an excellent development for all the reasons mentioned above, but buying a property can be an excellent long-term investment due to the two thriving industries surrounding it.

Film Industry

Trilith has become a significant player in the film industry. It has one of the largest and most sophisticated film production studios in the United States. As a result, Trilith has become a magnet for filmmakers and industry professionals, which has had a ripple effect on the local economy. The film industry has created numerous jobs and attracted talent from across the globe, making Trilith an essential hub for the industry.

Trilith’s film industry positively impacts the community, infusing it with a creative and lively culture. It’s common for residents to live next to filmmakers, actors, and artists, creating a melting pot of innovative minds. This exceptional aspect of Trilith enriches the community’s cultural scene. It provides incomparable networking opportunities for professionals in the creative industries.

A Growing Soccer Industry

In addition to the film industry, Trilith is making significant strides in United States soccer. It has been selected as the home of the new U.S. Soccer training center. 

The National Training Center will serve as the U.S. Soccer Federation’s headquarters, and Trilith will become a central hub for the soccer communities. It will offer best-in-class training, technology, and infrastructure for coaches, referees, and players, promoting sustainable playing environments nationwide. 

The center’s objective will be to provide players uninterrupted access to elite training infrastructure for development, recovery, and performance analysis.

The thriving soccer scene in Trilith provides an energetic and healthy lifestyle for its residents, encouraging community engagement and physical activity, whether it’s youth leagues, amateur tournaments, or professional matches.


Trilith Development in Georgia is a unique and sustainable community that blends real estate, film, and soccer. It’s a hub for creativity and sports, making it an ideal destination for those who want to live in a healthy, dynamic, innovative environment. 

As Trilith evolves, it will continue to set an example of modern planned communities. Likewise, given the growth of the supporting industries, Trillith provides a tremendous long-term residential investment opportunity. 

If you want to find a unique community like Trilith in Atlanta or surrounding areas, please contact me.