Connected home

The pandemic has accelerated many things.  One acceleration that I’ve observed is the connected home.  With more people working from home and building out more at home “comforts”, I’ve been asked more about connected home devices.

This year, I’m writing my version of a holiday gift guide with my favorite connected home devices.

Nest Thermostat

Google Nest 

I like the google nest system for a connected home inside the house, specifically the thermostat, smoke alarm, and internet router.

The Nest suite of products offers a sleek modern design that’s not obtrusive. They work together seamlessly and are incredibly reliable. 

The thermostat gets to know your schedule and can adjust temperatures accordingly for energy efficiency. 

The smoke detector is excellent for getting rid of the annoying low battery chirps that seem to always happen in the middle of the night. Additionally, instead of obnoxiously going off, if you happen to burn some toast, it will give you a subtle heads up.

Ring Spotlight with Solar panel

Ring outdoor camera with solar

The Ring outdoor cameras are great because of the no wiring option if you get the sleek solar panel addition. I like the spotlight cam as an excellent way to add exterior lighting and security. 

The app also notifies you of security in your neighborhood, for example, if there was a break-in or a package stolen off a neighbors front porch.

Wiz smart lighting

Wiz smart lighting

Do you want dimmers without the hassle of installing dimmer switches? The wiz smart lights are a great option. You can control the brightness from the app and set on/off schedules. 

All you have to do is screw the bulb into the fixture and connect it to the app. You can also control the bulbs with Google Assistant and Alexa. 

Yale Smart Lock

Yale Smart lock

Smart locks are great options for getting rid of keys. With smart locks, you can get rid of the hidden key under the flower pot. They can both connect to an app on your phone and have a keypad entry.

My favorite thing about a smart lock, though, is it gives you a safe and secure way to let people into your home if your away. For example, if you have a contractor coming over, you can easily unlock the door from your app or give them a specific entry code.

The Yale brand was recommended to me by a police officer friend; it’s what he uses in his home.

Sonos Move

Sonos Move

The Sonos system in and of itself is a fantastic wireless music system that connects seamlessly throughout your home. It’s an excellent way to enhance your TV sound system and also allows you to play different music in different locations throughout the house. 

But one of my favorites parts of the Sonos family is the Sonos move.  

The Move is a portable weather-resistant indoor/outdoor speaker connecting to your Sonos system for an outdoor sound solution. It also has the option of turning into a Bluetooth speaker so you can take it with you on the go, like a picnic in Piedmont Park.

I hope these five devices provided some gifting inspiration for you. And of course, if you are looking to buy or sell a new home this holiday season, please contact me for assistance.