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Are you looking for design inspiration for your current or new home?

Today I am sharing 5 long-term home design trends for 2022 and beyond, investing in these trends can be a good option to maintain or increase the future value of your home.


With environmental concerns, climate changes, and energy efficiency, a sustainably focused home is a trend that will continue to expand.

However, sustainability can mean many different things. Here are several sustainable design trends to consider:

Solar energy: Solar power systems have come a long way, thanks to advances in solar technology you can now get solar shingles, from Tesla for example, instead of installing massive solar panels on your roof. Additionally, with battery technology, you can store solar power in the event of power outages.

Cooling design-focused: Incorporating design that naturally cools your environment or rather makes your home easier to cool is becoming more popular. This will span from energy-efficient architectural design, materials such as non-heat absorbing material & color, efficient cooling systems, windows, and thoughtful integration of window shades.

Natural light: Incorporating natural light into your design will continue to be popular, especially from an energy efficiency perspective.

Technology focused

Technology will be a more prominent feature in homes going forward. 

No touch technology: With an increased focus on germs, touch-free faucets and soap dispensers will become more standardized in kitchens and bathrooms. You can already find several options from brands like Moen, Kohler, and Simplehuman.

Home security: High tech smart security is easy to install and smarter than the antiquated security systems of the past. A great example is the Ring system that allows you to fully integrate lighting, cameras, door locks, garage door, and security systems all easily controlled and monitored through the app.

Smart lighting: If you are installing new fixtures or new bulbs, smart lighting is the way to go. Smart lighting allows for automated ambiance such as programmed dimming of the lights in the evening. Additionally, smart lights are generally more energy-efficient and can also be activated with voice control (no touch). 

Multigenerational & space distribution

The layout of homes is changing to incorporate the multiple ways we now use our homes. Here are a two examples:

Multigenerational homes: Family dynamics as well as how people vacation has changed over the past several years. Whether it’s children moving back in with their parents or vice versa or the desire to rent out some of your space on Airbnb, builders are now designing properties with detached living spaces for guests.

Space distribution: I’ve written about this trend several times. As work from home seems to be a long-term trend as well as home-based fitness, spaces will become more separated to accommodate the new various uses within the home.

Material focus

Materials will be a central focus in new home design and renovation. Some trends that I am already seeing are sustainable and natural materials, like the use of bamboo, straw, and wool. I am also seeing more trends in the use of recycled, upcycled, and vintage materials.

Internationally Inspired

Lastly, there are many international designers doing some inspirational modern design work. I see international design as a growing trend, integrating international styles into your design can give your home design a unique look and feel.

Here are some international designers I find interesting for inspiration:


portugal design

Portuguese Designer

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Greece home design

Greek Designer

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Finland home design

Finnish Designer

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Spain home design

Spanish Designer

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Turkey home design

Turkish Designer

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I hope this article inspired you and gave you some insight into future trends if you are looking for a new home or renovating your current home.

If you are in the market for a new home and want to ensure you are getting the best value in future trends please contact me, I would be happy to help!