My story has been consistent over the last several months. It’s a competitive market in favor of sellers. 

However, to be competitive and maximize the value of your home you have to have what buyers are looking for.

Here are the top 4 upgrades buyers are looking for when buying a home post-pandemic.

Functional home office

According to a PWC executive survey, a hybrid approach to remote work will become the norm, meaning that remote work is here to stay for at least a percentage of the workweek.

This is important for sellers because now, more than ever, buyers will be seeking space for a home office. 

Likewise, with Atlanta having one of the fastest-growing tech job markets, where remote work is more prominent, a good home office space can give a premium value to your home.

Get a home office boost by staging a home office space in a spare bedroom or carve out space in a living area.

Outdoor living area

Outdoor space has become even more premium as people are now more accustomed to spending a lot of time at home. 

While time at home may lessen with the reopening, buyers are seeking out more outdoor space based on cabin fever experiences from the pandemic.

An easy way to give your home an outdoor premium is to get a minor landscape refresh or spruce up your patio with plants and some outdoor furniture.

Home gym

Working out at home is a trend that is here to stay. People have made significant investments in equipment such as pelotons and free weights so they could exercise during the pandemic. 

I don’t believe homeowners will completely disregard these investments and will instead embrace the opportunity to exercise at home, which is much easier than having to travel to a gym.

Therefore, having a dedicated gym space at home or having a good on-premise gym facility in a condo will give your home premium value.

If the gym space is in your home make sure it is thoughtfully staged so it feels separated from your living space.  If you have an on-premise facility make sure it is highlighted in your listing.

As your agent, I always make sure potential buyers see any on-premise amenities like gyms.

Separate space

With more people spending time at home working, working out, etc., separate spaces are becoming more popular vs. completely open floor plans. 

A blend of open floor plans with thoughtfully separated space that allows for privacy when needed is now the trend.

When you are staging your home make sure you highlight space separation as well as dedicated spare living areas like a mother-in-law suite. This will add a premium value to your home.

Consider hiring an interior designer to help you create separation in your home if you do have a completely open floor plan. 

In conclusion, correctly staging your home with some of these major trends can add a premium value, maximize the price of your home. And as your agent, I am here to help guide and advise you to set up your home for maximum value.