"Darrell is an exceptional real estate agent.  Through my multiple transactions with him he has always looked out for me both as the buyer and seller. Darrell's forte is his knowledge of the in town condo market in Atlanta.  He is intimately familiar with all the condo buildings and gives important insight to the value of the building this is unparalleled.  He personally knows many residents and board members of the buildings to offer a unique perspective on the pros and cons of each transaction.  For example due to a job relocation I had to sell a condo I had purchased six months earlier through him.  Darrell redesigned the space and with his contractor resources got the project complete on time and on budget.  The transformation was truly amazing and we had lots of traction with potential buyers.  We were able to close the transaction shortly there after.  With his help I was able to sell my condo for a profit even after costly Realtor fee's, closing costs, and renovation associated with the transaction.  I would highly recommend Darrell as a real estate agent.  Even after the transaction Darrell is looking out for your interests.  He is not an agent looking to profit from a quick buy/sell but will cultivate a long term business relationship"

Mike Wu

Atlanta, GA